Feeling stressed?


and let go of everything you don’t need anymore
Did you know there are
points on your head

when touched lightly will slow down your brainwaves? You’ll let go of thoughts, feelings and emotions that you don’t require anymore. It’s like resetting your brain.

Imagine what it would be like to have no thoughts in your head? That you are a walking talking meditation. You didn’t have to stress about anything.

Welcome to your new world!

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My first time

was amazing. I saw friends of mine changing. They were happier than I've ever seen them before. In this video you'll find me and others tell about our first time.

Crystel Poetiray

Speech pathologist Crystel Poetiray is a speech therapist with a difference. While her colleagues fix slushy s’s and other language disorders, Crystel is supporting women use their authentic voice to say #MeToo too. 

She is now a life coach specialized in vocal and authentic messaging problems with the tools that changed her life and thousands of other people. Desiring to change the world to have more joy and ease with every day life. 


There is more

Access Bars is definitely not the only thing we do. There are so many ways to become stressless! We’re specialised in changing mindset from lightness. And here’s why: Your point of view creates your reality! If we know one thing from our own experience – Change doesn’t have to be hard or heavy. If you would like more tools to have more ease and joy in your life, check out our blog.

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Desire more money than you can spent?

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