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Have you experienced abuse?

Sexual, physical, psychological, financial or even self-abuse. What if you no longer needed to be a victim? What if you could have ease with abuse? It sounds weird right, maybe even impossible. Yet I’ve experienced sexual and psychological abuse and the ease I now have, I never considered possible.

This program isn’t for everyone. You have to be willing to commit to your life, you have to give up being a victim, give up being right and acknowledge you have a choice to create something different.

Wonder how? To give you an insight: For different magazines I wrote articles about how to have more ease with abuse. You can read it here:

Your voice is your weapon – Collective hub

Or this interview (Dutch): How sexual abuse made Crystel into the strong women she is today

What do you get:

A completely different perspective on abuse (you may not like it, but it will give you freedom)
A live video every day for 30 days
Tools to have ease with abuse
Exercises on how to create the life you desire
A platform to be you – one with honour, trust, vulnerability, allowance and gratitude.
If you’re still in, than this is for you. Are you done being a victim? Sign up now.

1x 450,- (one payment)
2x 230,- (two payments)
5x 100,- (five payments)

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