Crystel Poetiray and Andrea Belluso are holding a very special three-day Media Training Master Class.

Are you a photographer, a model, a dancer, an actor or anyone else that could truly benefit of some wonderful and pragmatic tools that will expand your career to a brand new level?

Or are you maybe someone who uses social media to communicate with your public, wether it is for your business or just with your friends and family, and you would like to be heard more?

Almost everyone uses media or social media in one way or another these days, and there is a very high level of noise in media because of this. So how could you be the one that people want to listen to?

This class will show you how to be more present and have your voice heard in the world.


This call was off the charts AMAZING!!!! So looking forward to the Replay!!! Thank you Andrea Belluso and Crystel Poetiray for being the amazing facilitators & Beings you both are. What a Gift 🎁 – Diane



Aug 10 2018 - Aug 12 2018


09:30 - 17:30



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Midskeppsgatan 28
12066 Stockholm
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