Sexplore as possibilidades

Let’s sexplore..
What if sex is actually about… receiving, exploring and enjoying.. your body, your life and living and actually everything?

What if the orgasmic energies are the most nurturing, expanding, healing and joyful gift you can truly be? Would you allow yourself to be and to have that?

Let’s go beyond the taboos and explore the possibilities. Are you ready to be the walking talking orgasm you truly be?

February 16 – Sexplore the possibilities intro & bodyproces swap

This will be an exclusive event.

Sexplore the possibilities is a speciality class by Crystel Poetiray, CF. If you’ve seen her, you know Crystel is sexualness walking. Even though she tried her best not to be it. While she was sexually abused for a long time as kid, growing up sex and sexual energies were really confusing to her. She would close off in conversations and she couldn’t even speak about it till somewhere in her twenties. Thanks to the tools of Access Consciousness (and some ex-lovers) she explored a completely different space and paradigm with sex.
Crystel facilitates with a lot of humor and sparkles, while being really present with you and your body and what it desires. When you’re around her, your body just relaxes. Using clearings and SOP energies you get to explore the possibilities with your body, you never considered possible. What is truly possible for you and your body to receive, explore and enjoy with sex, that if you would allow the possibilities would make your life way to orgasmic?

There will be Portugese translation.



Feb 16 2020


10:00 - 17:00


Fernanda Laure


Fernanda Laure
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